Matt Barringer, A forward thinking creative technologist

why choose me?

My core belief is that your idea shouldn’t be held back by technology, platform - or a lack of technical expertise. I create engaging, innovative digital solutions for real-world business problems.

From design, to code and animation - I can work with you to produce something awesome - because I love what we do, and hope you will too.

I love what we do, can I help you?

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why trust me?

Good question, well I have worked with some awesome companies:

Cartoon network

And people have said some really nice things about me too:

Exceptionally gifted and passionate to deliver the optimal outcome, Matt [@redhoteskimo] went above and beyond to produce a body of work that not only fulfilled the client brief perfectly, but he helped to redefine and shape the brand direction, setting new benchmarks in what could be achieved. A truly top talent.
Jonathon Crosby - Creative marketing, branding and communications specialist
Matt has been working with us on a wide variety of projects and activities for years now. He has an incredible eye for visual identity and graphics related to the web, and is one of the all around best graphic web designers out there. Period. Nice guy too.
Stan Stalnaker - Founding Director and Chief Strategy Officer for Hub Culture
I worked with Matt over the last 2 years. During this time we managed to work together on various components of an OTT tech stack from user authentication, player to CMS etc. Matt's knowledge of Reactive systems, JavaScript and Frontend development played a key role in designing, developing and delivering scalable system on a fast-paced timescale. Moreover, he is a full stack developer and played a key role in designing backend services with AWS. He was a great team player and absolute fun to work with. Simply put, Matt is passionate about what he does. I would highly recommend Matt, he is a big asset. We miss him already!
Gopi Nanthakumaar - OTT Solutions Architect at WarnerMedia

how I do it

Using new techniques and technologies, paired with established platforms and knowledge I can bring your product to life on the web, tv and print.

Forget buzz-word technologies and flash in the pan trends, I can work with you to find the solution that suits you best, whether it be a rapid prototype/MVP or a longer term solution.

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my services

I offer a broad range of services to my clients based on a core belief of cross platform usability - please find some examples of the types of things I can do below.


A core service, which encompasses all the others is design! It covers everything from creating a beautiful illustration or infographic, wireframing and prettifying a website - to designing the systems needed for development and deployment.


Have you got an idea for a project, or something already in the works? I can provide independent advice on direction, technology and design - and work with you and your team to get your project on track.

digital prototyping

I can take your idea, and make a digital prototype for you - it's that simple. Looking to get investors on board, or simply test out a vague idea? I can build it using web platforms and interactive technologies.


Yes, you need a logo and look, but I can help you think about the message your brand eminates as well - to craft something that truly suits you and your product.


Do you need to make an impact on your next social media campaign, email shot or even an important presentation? I can make you a 2D or 3D animation, from story board to production - I have experience with motion graphics for the web, film and TV.


Do you need front-end and/or back-end web development? I take it in my stride, a specialist in HTML, javascript and CSS on the front-end with expereince in numerous server technology stack - we can build your next web appliction/site.

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who am I?

Matt Barringer - a designer, animator and coder with over 20 years experience working with large media conglomerates to ad agencies and smaller businesses - producing animated title sequences for films, interactive data visualizations and masterminding tech prototypes to name a few. From web designer to creative director and CTO - I should have the knowledge to get your project started, or know the person that does.

I can source various talented people if your project needs it, and is more than happy to work with members of your own team, or help onboard new recruits.

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