I work with clients to bring their products to life on screen, from Mobile, to web and TV; I provide designs, animations and web applications that work across devices and platforms.

With a love of coding, a background in design and illustration, and having spent the bulk of my career working in TV, I have a in depth understanding of cross platform design and development.

Companies I have worked with include:

CNN International Cartoon network Turner broadcasting DotDigital group If not us films Hub culture Vix Technology Knight & Knoxley SOUL London Avios Kew Gardens Toptal GHG Exposure Lukoil


I have worked on animations for TV and web for the past 10 years, from straps, kit of parts, infographics and title sequences to full 3D animated shorts and data-visualization.

For linear animation, I am a big fan of After Effects and Cinema4D.

Interactive animation projects I try to make as cross platform as possible, using CSS3, Javascript and sometimes Canvas and SVG.


Branding is key to your business’ success, and therefore you should be as involved and invested as possible. I make sure I know exactly what you and your company values are before guiding you through colour choices, logotype designs and brand messages, so you end up with a coherent, bold brand that will reflect exactly what you want it to.

Web design and development

I have been designing websites for companies big and small for years, and enjoy keeping up with modern technologies and methodologies.

I am most at home in the front-end, with HTML5, CSS3 (and Sass) and Javascript (plus a lot of JS frameworks), but I also have experience with full stack development and love Ruby on Rails, Meteor and node.

I love seeing a project through from initial design to launch, but am available to help out on portions of the production process if needed - having knowledge of each stage of design and development helps me work in a way that is easy to hand off to other members of your team.


Having worked in TV News and production companies - liaising with Advertorial and editorial teams in TV and online, upper management, clients and team members alike.

This has given me a great understanding of what does and doesn't work across platforms and organisations, and how things can be improved in production.

I have been hired to suggest ways in which assets can be made and used across platforms, build interactive prototypes to aid in storytelling across platforms, and how to add more motion with animation to static websites or presentations.